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Ipswich contains many popular residential areas, and Solicitors working with Fridaysmove regularly act for buyers and sellers to provide an excellent service for all manner of Conveyancing in Ipswich.

Ipswich is the home of both Ipswich Borough and Suffolk County Councils. Property searches for homes within the boundaries of Ipswich Borough Council are dealt with by the Council’s land charges department at Grafton House, 15-17 Russell Road, Ipswich IP1 2DE (Tel: 01473 432340/1). As there are several residential areas adjacent to Ipswich which are outside the boundaries of the borough, Conveyancing Solicitors will check in which local authority’s boundaries a property is located when carrying out Conveyancing in Ipswich and send the search to the appropriate council.

Why do local searches when Conveyancing in Ipswich matter?

These local searches are now submitted and returned electronically, which helps to speed up property transactions. This is all part of the trend towards electronic Conveyancing, and while it is unlikely that a completely online process will be available for some time, the provision of electronic search facilities coupled with the on-line provision of services by the land registry has considerably streamlined Conveyancing in Ipswich.

Local searches are required when buying a home in order to check a variety of matters which are dealt with by the council. These include planning records relating to a building, any enforcement action taken or proposed, whether a house is within a conservation area or is affected by a tree preservation order, details of any major road or railway schemes in the vicinity, and whether any financial charges are registered against the property. The latter might include various grants made to the owner and which would have to be repaid when the house is sold.

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Although these local searches are always carried out when a purchaser is buying with the assistance of a mortgage, cash purchasers may prefer to save time and money by asking their Conveyancing Solicitors to obtain ‘no search’ indemnity insurance. This is a cheaper alternative to full searches, and provides indemnity in the event that the buyer suffers loss as a result of something which would have been revealed had a search been carried out immediately before completion. As it is extremely rare for that to occur, the premiums for ‘no search’ insurance are modest in relation to the value of a property.

Your Fridaysmove recommended Conveyancing Solicitor can advise on all aspects of Conveyancing in Ipswich, and can obtain a quick quotation for ‘no search’ indemnity insurance if required.

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