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How can Fridaysmove offer Cheaper, Faster AND Better Conveyancing?

Fridaysmove prides itself on working with the best Conveyancing Solicitors throughout the country for the benefit of all home-buyers and sellers. We have negotiated better-than-market rates to offer our clients excellent lower Conveyancing Fees.

Our Solicitors have a wealth of experience, and between them we can put you in touch with Conveyancing Solicitors who is an expert in dealing with property Conveyancing in your area.

Our recommended Solicitors regularly handle a wide variety of properties, from terraced inner-suburban house to country mansion, and from luxury penthouse apartment to one-bedroom flat, so they will be fully conversant with the legal complexities of all conveyancing transactions. But as any Solicitor will tell you, there is no such thing as ‘standard’ conveyancing – all properties are individual and have their own peculiarities. Our panel of solicitors will give each case their individual attention, and if a problem does arise then you can be sure that they will have the experience and legal knowledge to make the problem go away as quickly as possible.

Like houses, clients also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes! Unlike some ‘conveyancing factories’ who treat all clients the same, Conveyancing Solicitors who work with Fridaysmove will always treat you as an individual with your own special needs and requirements. They do not handle just conveyancing, but will also advise you on such matters as the joint ownership of property and trust deeds, family gifts and loans, and powers of attorney.

Our Solicitors expertise extends to property mortgages, where they have experience of a wide variety of lenders, including those who provide advances on non-standard properties such as freehold flats, and mortgage packages tailored to individual properties. They will be pleased to offer individual help if you are obtaining an equity mortgage.

Apart from dealing with regular property sales and purchases, we also work with Conveyancing Solicitors who are expert in auction sales and purchases, the purchase of new-build houses and apartments, and all other property-related transactions, such as granting rights of way and other easements, and releasing old restrictive covenants.

For leasehold properties, we can help with lease extensions (including obtaining professional valuations to ascertain the amount payable) and Conveyancing Solicitors approved by Fridaysmove can advise on the exercise of leaseholders’ rights to buy the freehold. They are also familiar with shared-ownership house purchases, and other similar schemes giving buyers the chance to get a foot on the property ladder.

Whatever type of property you are buying, selling or mortgaging, wherever it is located, whoever you are, there is only one name you need to know for Conveyancing – Fridaysmove