Typical work undertaken by Solicitors for Conveyancing in Bournemouth

Solicitors recommended by Fridaysmove regularly handle a wide variety of property Conveyancing in Bournemouth. A popular residential location, Bournemouth offers a wide variety of homes including both freehold houses and leasehold flats, and when carrying out Conveyancing in Bournemouth for homebuyers, Conveyancing Solicitors carry out various property searches and enquiries.

Local searches are commissioned from Bournemouth Borough Council, Local Land Charges, Town Hall, Bournemouth BH2 6DY Tel: 01202 451119. These searches are now submitted electronically, and the Council is currently able to return the results to the Property Lawyer within 3 working days. Such searches therefore rarely cause any delay for Conveyancing in Bournemouth.

The local search covers a range of activities handled by Bournemouth Council. These include planning and building control records affecting a property, plans for major road and railway schemes within the vicinity, conservation areas and tree preservation orders, and local financial charges affecting the property. The latter would include such things as various grants which might have been made to the owner and which would have to be repaid on completion. If the grant is not repaid, it will continue to be charged on the property and the buyer will have to pay it!

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If a house is within one of Bournemouth’s 21 conservation areas then the purchasers’ Conveyancing Solicitors will enquire whether the sellers have carried out any alterations or works to the property, especially anything which would affect the exterior aspect of the house, as such works may require planning consent. As Bournemouth Council has extensive powers enabling them to require the removal of unauthorised works, when carrying out Conveyancing in Bournemouth Property Lawyers must reassure their clients that all existing alterations have proper planning consent. Where the sellers have carried out unauthorised works then it may be necessary to ask them to apply for retrospective consent, which will cause delay.

Another standard property search for Conveyancing in Bournemouth is the water and drainage search. This will confirm if the dwelling is connected to mains water and drainage. Although it is unlikely that any residence in Bournemouth is not directly connected to mains water, many houses are not directly connected to a publicly adopted sewer. Instead the drainage runs through lateral sewers beneath adjacent properties. The buyer’s Conveyancing Solicitor will therefore want to check that the deeds contain all necessary rights of drainage running through the grounds of other houses.

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