Advice to buyers and sellers for Conveyancing in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is located on Portsea Island, and separated from the mainland by a narrow creek. Apart from Portsmouth itself, Southsea, Fratton, Portsea and Hillsea are all part of the island, but for Conveyancing Solicitors the area administered by Portsmouth City Council also includes an area to the north of the creek, including Cosham and Wymering as well as the Port Solent development.

Solicitors Conveyancing in Portsmouth working with Fridaysmove handle residential property Conveyancing throughout the Portsmouth area, including both freehold homes and leasehold flats, but for all types of property they will commission a local search from Portsmouth City Council, Civic Offices, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth PO1 2QJ. (Tel: 023 9282 2251) These searches are now usually ordered online, and the council is able to send replies to the majority within three working days, so they rarely cause any delays to Conveyancing transactions.

Local searches are an essential part of work carried out by a buyer’s Conveyancing Solicitors for their client’s protection. They cover a wide variety of matters dealt with by Portsmouth Council, including planning entries relating to a house, whether it is a listed building or within a conservation area, and whether it is affected by any planned major road improvement works. They will also indicate if a house is affected by a tree preservation order, or if a financial charge is registered in respect of money due to the council, e.g. an improvement grant, which has to be repaid by the seller on completion.

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It is important for a purchaser’s Conveyancing Solicitors to check that any house or flat in Portsmouth which has been built in recent times, or converted out of an older building, has planning permission. Details of all planning consents relating to a property are listed in the search results, and the vendor’s Solicitors will be asked to supply copies.

Buyers should note that the local search will not show any planning applications or consents relating to neighbouring houses, so it does not enable you to find out if the neighbour is planning an extension.

If the owner of a neighbouring property has submitted a planning application then the seller would be notified and should give details in replies on the property information form. Conveyancing Solicitors can make an additional search for any current planning applications or recent consents granted within a 500m radius, if this is specifically requested.

Conveyancing Solicitors also carry out standard drainage and water searches for Portsmouth houses with Southern Water. The search results will confirm that a house is connected to mains water and drainage, and include plans showing the location of the relevant pipes and sewers.

Many houses in Portsmouth are not directly connected to a public sewer, but instead the property drains to a private lateral sewer which runs through a number of neighbouring properties before joining the main sewer. Where this occurs, the purchaser’s Conveyancing Solicitors will check that the house enjoys legal rights to use the private sewer.

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