Conveyancing in Richmond - Advice for buyers and sellers

Conveyancing in Richmond, like all London Boroughs, requires Solicitors to work in a number of individual districts each with a wide variety of residential property. Apart from Richmond itself, some of the communities within the borough include Barnes, Mortlake, Kew, Twickenham, Teddington, St. Margarets and Whitton.

Local conveyancing searches in connection with property purchases anywhere in the Richmond area are carried out with London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham, TW1 3BZ (Tel: 020 8891 7774).

Conveyancing Solicitors are now able to submit search requests online, and the council is able to return the majority of search applications within five working days. These searches therefore now rarely cause any delay in property purchases, but where speed is essential a personal search may be commissioned.

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 It is hardly surprising that there are over 70 conservation areas within the Richmond Borough area, and although some of these cover the parks which are such a feature of the area, others include residential properties. The local search will show if a house or flat is in one of these areas, and, if so, the buyer’s Conveyancing Solicitors will want to check that any necessary planning consents have been obtained for any alterations or other works which have been carried out by the seller. This is especially important for works which impact on the street aspect of a property, such as replacement windows or doors.

Redevelopment concerns when Conveyancing in Richmond

One matter which is frequently of concern to property buyers in Richmond is the possibility of future redevelopment or alteration of adjacent property. Many purchasers assume that any plans for such developments will be shown in the replies to local searches, but that is not correct. Searches do show if Richmond council, or certain other public bodies such as Transport for London, have plans for certain works which would affect the property, including major road works or proposed railway schemes. However, local searches will not show any proposals by other property owners.

Although sellers should give information about planning applications for neighbouring properties of which they have been notified, Conveyancing Solicitors do not normally obtain any information about planning applications for any other properties. They can, if requested, have an additional search carried out which will show current planning applications and recent consents anywhere within a radius of 500m. This will of course only show details of applications which have already been made, and nothing can be done about a planning application for an adjacent property made shortly after exchange, or where works are carried out which do not need planning consent.

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