Advice to buyers and sellers for property conveyancing in Bromley

Conveyancing Solicitors recommended by Fridaysmove regularly handle a wide variety of property conveyancing throughout the area covered by the London Borough of Bromley, including Bromley itself, together with Penge, Beckenham, Orpington, Chislehurst, and Farnborough. The largest of the London boroughs, Bromley incorporates both many typical outer suburban housing areas and much property of a rural character to the south, so Conveyancing Solicitors working in the area will find themselves dealing with a wide variety of homes, from small 'starter flats' to large detached country homes.

Local searches on all properties within Bromley are submitted to Bromley Borough Council’s Land Charges Department at Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH (Tel: 020 8461 7909).

There are many older semi-detached houses which have a shared driveway running between each pair of houses, perhaps with garages just to the rear of the houses. The registered title of each house shows the boundary between each pair of properties as running down the centre-line of the drive, with each owner having the right to use that part of the drive which lies on his neighbour’s property. Acting for the buyer of a typical suburban semi on Sandringham Road, Bromley BR1, Fridaysmove recommended Property Lawyer Katie Clark noted that the property register contained a note:

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“The land has the benefit of a right of way over the part of the access way not included in this title subject to payment of half the cost of maintenance thereof. ”

There was also a note in the charges register of the title that “the part of the access way not included in this title is subject to rights of way. ”

The title plan showed a gap between this house and the neighbouring one, but, like many of these shared drives, it was now too narrow to take modern cars, and so was no longer used. That does not necessarily mean that the legal rights to use the drive have been abandoned, although that may be inferred when neither owner has tried to drive cars over the access way shown on the title plan.

Flats in Bromley come in many varieties, from purpose-built maisonettes and flats in converted houses to split-level apartments in large blocks. All such flats will be held on leasehold titles, although some sellers claim to have a share in the freehold. This may mean that the sellers owns the freehold title to the building jointly with the owners of the other flats in the building, so that on completion the seller’s Conveyancing Solicitor will have to hand over a transfer deed for the freehold title signed by the other owners. Alternatively the seller may have a share in a company which owns the freehold, in which case the seller will have to hand over the share certificate and a share transfer form.

Although conveyancing for all types of home mostly follows the same form, for leasehold properties the buyers’ Conveyancing Solicitors will require a set of management information from the freeholder or managing agents, showing service charge accounts for previous years, details of current service charges and buildings insurance, and other relevant information.

Acting for buyers of more rural properties in Bromley, Conveyancing Solicitors may need to check that a house has proper rights of access and any necessary rights of drainage when the grounds do not directly front a public highway. Another enquiry that might be required for a house with larger grounds is to ask Bromley Council if the map of public rights of way shows a footpath or bridle path crossing the property, as that can cause considerable problems for landowners. Such paths may not be evident on a quick inspection, and buyers who are not aware of their existence before completion will not be happy.

Fridaysmove -recommended Conveyancing Solicitors in Bromley will handle the Conveyancing work on all types of property within the borough; every case will receive the same expert service and high attention to detail.