Buying a new home in Norwich – Advice from Conveyancing Solicitors

Anyone looking at buying one of the new houses being built around Norwich, Norfolk will need expert advice from their Conveyancing Solicitor acting in Norwich, who will be able to advise you on the provisions of the contract and check that everything is in order. It can be very exciting to buy a brand new home, but the Conveyancing process is sometimes slightly more complicated than for an existing house.

Once you have agreed to buy a new home in Norwich, the builder’s Conveyancing Solicitor will send a contract package to your Solicitor. This will include a contract together with a copy of the builder’s title to the site. It will also include a copy of the transfer deed and sale plan showing the extent of the plot being sold, together with copies of the planning consent and other relevant documents which your Conveyancing Solicitors will need to check.

If the new house has already been substantially completed when you agree to purchase it, and you are also selling a property, then you will probably be able proceed in much the same way as for any other transaction. However, it's not uncommon to buy a new house when it is still incomplete, and will be asked to exchange contracts with completion to take place when is has been finished. This means that the buyer will be committed to buying the house, but won’t know when completion will take place. Although builders may give an estimated date, this cannot be relied on.

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It is unlikely that an owner wanting to sell their present house will find a buyer who is prepared to wait until the new house is completed, especially if the estimated date is some time off. So the owner may have to take a chance on signing up to buy a new house without having a buyer for their present property. That is why many owners now take advantage of the part-exchange schemes offered by developers, which enables them to sign up for the new house and at the same time the developer will agree to buy their existing home.

New home warranties in Norwich

Amongst the things that your Conveyancing Solicitors will check is that the developer is offering a new home warranty. The most well-known of these is that offered by the NHBC (National House-Building Council) but other companies such as Premier Guarantee and LABC also offer such warranties. These provide valuable protection against defects in new built houses for the first ten years, and mortgage lenders require such a warranty as a condition of lending on a new house. Even if you are a cash buyer, your Conveyancing Solicitors will want to know that a warranty is being provided, not only for your own protection but because it would be required by any buyer if you want to sell within  ten years. Both Bloor Homes and Bovis Homes, who are currently building new homes in the vicinity of Norwich, provide such warranties.

If you are buying a new home in Norwich from a smaller builder, perhaps a ‘one-off’ or are lucky enough to be having a house built for you, you will get a professional consultant’s certificate from the architect or other suitably qualified building professional. This will certify that the architect or surveyor has inspected the building during its construction, and that they have professional indemnity insurance. The purpose of this is to provide the original buyer, and any subsequent owner, with a ‘collateral warranty’ which will enable the owner to sue the architect or surveyor if any building defects are discovered during the first six years if the builder will not carry out necessary repairs, or has ceased trading.

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