Conveyancing London – Purchasing in Kentish Town

As with many so many other areas in London, Camden has  numerous designated conservation areas which vary in, character, style as well as size.   The most relevant Conservation areas are to be found in the Kentish Town is the West Kentish Town Conservation Area. Check the following link or check as your conveyancing lawyer to check  whether or not the property you intend purchasing is within this conservation area as this may affect your ability to obtain planning permissions for alterations to the property.   In some circumstances, it may necessitate specific consent for demolition of any part of the property and also affect the ability to prune trees, hedges etc. .

Property lawyers and Conveyancing Solicitors grounded in conveyancing London transactions should point you to Camden Council's web site (  ) where you may find planning applications for historic planning documentation not only in respect of your property but also in respect of neighbouring properties as well.   If you are purchasing a property in Kentish Town why not take advantage of the freely available on line information about applications that may be applicable to properties in proximity to where you are proposing to purchase. The conveyancing firm retained by you is not obliged to provide information relating to planning applications for surrounding properties so  please ensure that you check out this information yourself or ask your conveyancing lawyer to do so .

Camden Council manage a surprisingly large number of leasehold flats in Kentish Town who will also be the landlord of the property.   When buying a leasehold property in Kentish Town managed by Camden. You should specifically look to enquire about future works to your building as the Local Authority will have very detailed plans for future works for all properties which the Local Authority are the freehold owner.   Sometimes major works or maintenance  charge works can be very high.   Clearly, you do not want to purchase a property only to find out that there are major works planned as you could be faced with a hefty bill shortly after completion of your purchase.   Please ensure that your conveyancing solicitor makes appropriate service charge investigations.

It may be that you intend to purchase a newly built property in Kentish Town. If so,  there is a possibility that there will be restrictions within the deeds planning permissions relating to parking.   Conveyancing lawyers with experience in conveyancing London properties should know where to look to find any such restrictions (it may well be that the restrictions are contained within a planning document known as a 104 Planning Agreement, or the Lease - or head lease - of the property).   This may be something that you wish to check with your conveyancing solicitor.
The above tips are not intended to be a list of exhaustive investigations that a conveyancing lawyer should attend to, but rather  a sample of  issues that may apply to a conveyancing transaction in Kentish Town.   Fridaysmove would be happy to act for your purchase in Kentish Town but should you do not wish to retain our conveyancing services, we would still recommend that you engage the conveyancing services of a property lawyer familiar with conveyancing London properties and in particular conveyancing  properties  in the Kentish Town.

The conveyancing lawyers at Fridaysmove have carried out hundreds of conveyancing Kentish Town   properties over the last few years ( including conveyancing many new build developments in Kentish Town. Should you have any questions relating to conveyancing in Kentish Town please ask to speak to one of our property lawyer s in the Kentish Town  Conveyancing Team.

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