How do I get an EPC in Brighton?

Do I have to get an EPC when selling my property in Brighton?

You must obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in Brighton when you market your property. This is a legal requirement. The EOC must be produced within 28 days of the property being placed on the market.

The EPC was formerly part of the ‘Home Information Pack’ (HIPs), which were suspended by the government on 20 May 2010. However, it was decided that the EPC element of the HIPs pack should remain.   EPCs originate from EU Legislation and there are no plans to abolish them for the foreseeable future.

Note: The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) impose a fine if you do not have an EPC when you market your property.

What is an EPC?

An EPC is an assessment of your home to see how energy efficient it is and to measure its ‘carbon footprint’ on the environment. An energy assessor visits the property and carries out a physical inspection. He then prepares a report which suggests measures on how to improve the energy efficiency rating that is given to the property. The property is rated between A and G with A being the most energy efficient, rather like the way refrigerators are rated. The report will comment on matters such as the quality of insulation, light bulbs that are used and the efficiency of the boiler.

What can I do about the energy efficiency rating in the EPC?

The EPC report will suggest changes that can be made to the property that will improve the energy efficiency of the home, e.g. changing the boiler, using different light bulbs or insulating the property to retain more heat.

How long is my EPC valid for?

Your EPC in Brighton is valid for 10 years.

Who can do my EPC in Brighton?

You can find a company to carry out your EPC for you by doing some research on line. You can also ask Fridaysmove to arrange for an EPC. Which Magazine July 2010 edition lists Fridaysmove as being the cheapest providers of EPC’s anywhere in the country, at £32. 00 plus vat.

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