Birmingham Conveyancing Solicitors say good riddance to HIPs

Whist disagreements within the new coalition government are likely to surface, one decision on which both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats were unanimous was the recent scrapping of Home Information Packs (HIPs).

Understandably, entrepreneurs that had set up work providing HIPs – often at their own expense – have pointed to the fact thousands of jobs have been lost, and criticised the new government for acting too hastily.

One result of the abolition of HIPs is that Conveyancing in Birmingham for purchasers has just become more expensive as some of the documents contained in the HIP such as the conveyancing searches will now have to be paid for by the proposed purchaser.

There are plenty of Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham who believe that HIPs were a disappointment. The Birmingham Post recently quoted Chris Meredith, head of residential conveyancing at Birmingham conveyancing firm Wright Hassall Solicitor as saying: “HIPS have done nothing to speed up the process for people selling or purchasing homes. "

“They have added little to the Conveyancing process and, I think it would be fair to say, have been a substantial waste of money for a lot of people concerned. I’m sure our clients will be pleased to lose this cost element of the home selling process and it will be refreshing to revert back to where we were before the packs. ”

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