Norwich Conveyancing Solicitors Firm chosen for Social Housing legal work

If you are responsible for retaining conveyancing services for a social housing organisation, then you will have plenty of choice.

Do you retain one set of conveyancing solicitors or appoint a panel of conveyancing solicitors?

On line magazine Inside Housing recently examined the different approaches several social landlords take to procuring conveyancing as well as general legal services, in a year when public spending cuts will make it especially important to maximise value for money.

The articles quotes East Anglia-based Flagship Housing Group acquires its legal services via a competitive tender process, which involves awarding its chosen law firms a contract for a three-year period with the option of extending for a further year. The landlord estimates this approach saves it 15 to 20 per cent.

The group splits its legal services requirements into two categories: corporate legal services and property and housing management legal services which would include conveyancing in Norwich.

Though Flagship uses one law firm - Anthony Collins, for corporate advice, it uses two local firms – Norwich Conveyancing Solicitor firm -based Greenland Houchen Pomeroy and Birketts LLP -for property-related issues.

By having two conveyancing solicitors  firms on its books, the housing group believes it is not beholden to one provider, so if one is struggling to carry out a task, then it can always go to another. Flagship has considered bringing legal expertise in-house.

Clearly, it decided that using external solicitors is the most cost-effective route obtaining legal and conveyancing advice.

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