So Could the EPC replace the HIP?

With many signs pointing towards the abolition of the HIP sometime late in 2010, it seems a good time to ask, "will the EPC just replace the HIP?"

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) has always been a part of the Home Information Pack (HIP).  It provides an energy rating (very much like those that you see to rate white goods) for your home and is produced by a Certified Assessor.

Both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats want to abolish the moderately unpopular, mandatory (if you are selling a property) HIP - and so there is a good chance it will go at some point after the Election.  However, the EPC was introduced to meet an EU directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings and probably has to stay behind.  In effect, an annoying, mandatory EPC replacing the annoying, mandatory HIP.

The questions are; will the EPC be mandatory? How mandatory?  and How much will it cost?

To meet the EU directive it probably does have to be mandatory.  Indeed, it could become mandatory even if you are not selling a property.  So the Government would introduce a deadline (2 - 3 years or so) and insist that every buys an EPC in that period.  

Energy Performance Assessors (who tend to be self-employed) have long argued that the price of an EPC (get an EPC quote) would have to go up if the HIP was abolished.  

by admin
Monday 14th of September 2015 05:04:29 PM