Expert Conveyancing in Hastings and the South of England

If you're looking to buy or sell a property in Hastings, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the area.  It's also wise to choose a Conveyancer who knows about Conveyancing in Hastings.

Conveyancing Quotes in Hastings

If you're considering Conveyancing in Hastings, we would be very happy to supply you with a Free Online Conveyancing Quote via our website.  Other Conveyancer and Solicitors in Hastings might be able to offer you a quote, but it may not be as competitive as ours here at Fridaysmove .  We offer the cheapest HIP in the UK, and we have experience in HIP's, Conveyancing and Home Information Packs in Hastings.

"Right To Buy" properties in Hastings

There are several council properties, in Hastings, which a tenant may be able to purchase under the right to buy scheme.  The property is sold at the current market price - also discounting any amount that the tenant in entitled to.  If they property is sold within 5 years of purchase, in some cases a percentage of the discount has to be paid back to the landlord.

Conservation areas in Hastings

Hastings is an extremely old town that dates back to the medieval age.  So, understandably, there are many areas of conservation in Hastings including the informally arranged passageways and streets in the Hastings Old Town.  Many of the buildings in this conservation area date back to the 18th century.    Burtons' St Leonard's is also a conservation area.  Checks should be made with the local authority before any alterations are made to a building which lays within an area of conservation.  The Conveyancing expert you choose to carry out your Conveyancing will be able to assist you with this.  

New Build Properties in Hastings

In Hastings, there are a large amount of new build properties - in areas such as Fairlight, The Ridge and North Lane.  You should make sure your Conveyancer is aware about the procedures involved with new build properties, as these procedures can be slightly different.  Often, a completion date of a new build property has not always been decided at the time of contract exchanges.  Your Conveyancing Solicitor should look into any cash incentives that are offered by the developer.

Chancel Repairs in Hastings

There are many Churches in the Hastings area, some of them being listed buildings.  If you're potentially moving near to a church, it is very important that your Home Information Pack contains a Chancel Repair Search.  This search tells you whether you would be liable to pay towards any chancel repairs in association with the Church.  You should consider this seriously before moving near to a Church, as this can be very costly.

Why choose Fridaysmove in Hastings?

Fridaysmove are a UK favourite, this is due to many reasons.  We provide fully qualified solicitors at a very reasonable price.  During your time with us, you will only deal with one lawyer and they are all regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.  We offer a free HIP with every Conveyancing - and our HIP are also the cheapest in the country.  We have several offices throughout the country and the nearest office to this area is our Fridaysmove West London Office.  Call us for more information on 0330 660 0286, or receive a Free Online Conveyancing Quote instantly on our website.


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