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My conveyancing solicitor has advised I need a Cheshire Brine Search - What is this?

This is a search of the Cheshire Brine Compensation Board's records to ascertain whether the property has been adversely affected by brine mining.

Why Request a Cheshire Brine Search?
This search should be done by a conveyancing lawyer if the property is in Cheshire. Similar to coal mining, a property in a brine mining area may be subject to mining subsidence.

Ordering a Cheshire Brine Search
In 2006 The Cheshire Brine Compensation Board has now merged with the Coal Authority and so a coal mining search result includes information on brine mining.

The search report will indicate: ·

whether the property is situated within the Compensation District; · whether the property is within a Consultation Area prescribed by the Cheshire Brine Board under the provisions of section 38(1) of the 1952 Act; ·
whether a Notice of Damage has been filed in respect of the property and, if so,
whether the claim was accepted and, if so, how the claim was discharged; ·
whether claims in respect of the property have been commuted by a once and for all payment of compensation; ·
whether the compensation provisions of the 1952 and 1964 Acts would apply should the property be affected at some future date by subsidence due to brine pumping.

Since 23 October 2006, the brine search has been incorporated in the Law Society approved CON 29M mining search, providing a combined coal and brine search report.

The Search Result
Details of any brine mining activity can be found at the end of the coal mining section of the search. If there is none it will say so.

Regards Fridaysmove (Cheshire Conveyancing Advice Team)

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