A Conveyancing Nightmare on Elm Street for Solicitors in Coventry?

Both sides breathed a sigh of relief at the end of this home sale; no nightmares materialised for the sellers of this home on Elm Tree Avenue, Coventry, CV4 9EU, thanks to the efforts of Coventry Solicitor Elaine Fannon.

True, the house they were selling was an ordinary freehold semi, but Conveyancing in Coventry find that unexpected difficulties can arise even on the sale of such properties.

The house had been sold through local agents Dixons of 159 New Union Street, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 2PL, and the buyers' Solicitors were Mander Hadley, of 1 The Quadrant, Coventry, CV1 2DW.  

Solicitors in Coventry try hard to ensure that everything goes through smoothly for their clients, but sometimes issues arise which cannot be foreseen.

For a sale Conveyancing transaction, common difficulties include:

  • buyer pulling out due to adverse survey or failing to get sufficient mortgage
  • purchasers' Conveyancers requiring seller to apply for retrospective permission for an extension or other work, or wanting an indemnity insurance to be paid for
  • adverse replies on the local search (worst case scenario – house in line of projected new road)
  • problem with title, e.g. registered title plan does not show whole extent of the garden, or indicates that there is a flying freehold situation
  • on a sale by executors, a delay in getting probate.

Owners also often encounter problems when trying to agree a completion date with their purchasers. This is especially so when there is a long chain of sales and purchases which all have to be completed on the same date. People often need to move on a certain date, sometimes to tie in with school holidays or a job move. Some find that they are unable to complete on certain dates because they are away on business or a holiday booked some time before.

Solicitors handle last-minute disasters

Even when a date has been agreed and the Property Lawyers have organised everything to ensure they are able to complete the legal work on the agreed date, problems can still arise. It has been known for a seller to die just before completion. Sometimes removal arrangements go wrong, as in the case when the sellers' removal van was stranded on the other side of the country and the firm was unable to make alternative arrangements.

When the worst happens, experienced Conveyancers like Elaine will do their utmost to sort things out. Provided that a buyer does not pull out before exchange of contracts, then most difficulties will be surmounted.

In this case, Elaine was delighted to find that, for once, everything went smoothly.

The title was straightforward and the buyers were co-operative when it came to settling a completion date. So the sellers were happy when they had moved to their new home, and received a cheque for the balance due to them.

Nevertheless, the benefit of instructing an experienced Conveyancing Solicitor for even seemingly easy home sales is peace of mind. You can sleep easier knowing that, whatever happens, your lawyer will ensure a smooth Conveyancing process.