Is my HIP still valid if I take my property off the market?

If you have your HIP through Fridaysmove and are taking a property of the market the please do let us know.  

A HIP is valid for one year from the date that the property is first marketed. You can take the property off the market and put it on again within a year using the same HIP. There is no obligation on you or Fridaysmove to renew anything in your HIP. If something significant happens whilst the property is on the market, then you may choose to do so, but it is the responsibility of the buyer's solicitor to check if any documents need renewing.

Even if your HIP does expire, Fridaysmove still may be able to refresh certain parts of the HIP for a discounted fee for you.  

Please also note that we will still honour our conveyancing quote for you if you come to sell your property in the future.

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