Mrs M relieved as Home Buyers Survey in Shropshire finds no major problems

A recent Building Survey in Shropshire carried out on a detached bungalow was found to have no significant defects. This was good news for the potential owner, who would otherwise have had to rethink her offer.

The property is estimated to have been built in 1995 and has been valued at £125, 000.

Home Buyers Survey in Shropshire reports on the local area

The property is located on a cul-de-sac and is within walking distance to the centre of Ellesmere. This market town has the largest mere outside the English Lake District and boasts a number of listed buildings.

Issues outside the property

a) This Shropshire Home Buyers Survey reported a number of issues on the outside of the property, although none of these were particularly serious.  

b) The surveyor noted that the timber front door of the porch was damaged and required urgent repairs. The same applied to the timber door of the kitchen, which had a damaged bottom panel.

c) Concerns were also raised over the roof structure of the conservatory, which will require thorough cleaning to clear debris that had accumulated.

d) The conservatory’s UPVC Frames will need to be assessed in further inspections. This is because the quality of these frames can vary enormously.  

Walls and Plastering Repairs

The surveyor was concerned over the fact that some of the plaster was loose on the walls. Mrs M was advised to renew this when the property is renovated. An area above the fireplace will also need to be re-plastered because it is losing its bond.

Fortunately, no other issues were found in the inside of this property and there were no limitations to the Home Buyers Survey in Shropshire.

HomeBuyer Report reveals rotting timber

The Shropshire survey reported some rotting timber next to the garage. The surveyor suggested some splice repair and treatment with a timber preservative.


The Home Buyers Survey found that the electrics and gas were covered by guarantees; therefore no further inspections will be required for these components.

Cost of reinstating this property

The survey estimates that this Shropshire bungalow would be reinstated at a cost of £120, 000, in line with the estimated valuation.

It is common for surveyors to recommend a long list of repairs and additional expert inspections, so Mrs M was understandably pleased when the HomeBuyer Report revealed nothing which required costly repairs.

Whether undertaking a Home Buyers Survey in Shropshire, or elsewhere in the UK, 'peace of mind' may be hard to quantify when a report reveals no defects, but the ability to better budget for a home-move is not.