Money saved at Home Buyers Survey in Wakefield?

The Home Buyers Survey in Wakefield described a long list of faults that required urgent attention.

Among them were:

  • Water-proofing the roof
  • Re-setting a chimney
  • Overhauling dormer windows
  • Replacing main windows

The potential buyer of this 1920's end terrace house received quite a shock upon reading the Home Buyers Survey in Wakefield.

Wear and Tear

HomeBuyer Reports on older properties often detail a quantity of repairs that result from the passage of time. They provide clients with a clear picture of a building and the improvements that may need to be made to it.

Valuation estimation

The Home Buyers Survey in Wakefield provided an estimate of the properties real value. Such estimations can often be at odds with market valuation. Buy gaining a HomeBuyer Report, buyers can realise a stronger bargaining position with regards to a property's price.

Work to be done

Alternatively, buyers can use the recommendations of a Home Buyers Survey to discuss repair-work with the existing home-owner.

This is a principal attraction of obtaining a Home Buyers Survey. It gives direct answers to questions such as 'are there any hidden repair costs lurking?' 'Are there inherent problems that will exacerbate with time?

The Home Buyers Survey in Wakefield identified a number of structural problems with the home. Structural problems that may detract from the original market value of the house.

Home Buyers Survey in Wakfield makes financial sense

I think the only reason people are deterred from obtaining Home Buyers Surveys is the cost. However cases like this one in Wakefield frequently undermine such an attitude.  

The Home Buyers Survey in Wakefield could well end up saving the client thousands of pounds. Just consider the implication of their moving into the home at the full market price only to find a list of expensive-to-remedy defects that will worsen with time.