Solicitor explains local searches in Hounslow

Fridaysmove -recommended Solicitors  in Hounslow for both sales and purchases. The London Borough of Hounslow incorporates many popular residential areas, stretching from Chiswick to Feltham and including Isleworth, Brentford, Gunnersbury and Osterley among other areas.

When acting for purchasers of freehold houses in Hounslow, Conveyancing Solicitors carry out a variety of searches. The main searches will be a local search and a drainage and water search. Local searches are carried out with the Local Land Charges Dept. , London Borough of Hounslow, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 4DN, and provide information on a variety of matters of concern to buyers.

In particular, local searches show any records relating to planning matters affecting a house, including:

  • A list of any planning consents.
  • Details of any planning enforcement action taken by the council.
  • Whether the road is an adopted public highway.
  • If a house is in one of the borough’s 26 conservation areas.
  • Any tree preservation order affecting a house.
  • Plans for major road or railway schemes in the vicinity of the property.
  • Any compulsory purchase order made by the council which includes the property.

Councils sometimes make grants to property owners for improvement works, and these may have to be repaid when the property is sold. These are registered as local land charges, and if one of these is revealed when buying a house in Hounslow then the buyers’ Conveyancing Solicitors will make sure that the sellers’ Solicitors undertake to repay the loan at completion, as otherwise the buyers could end up having to repay it themselves.

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If a house is in one of Hounslow’s conservation areas, then the buyers’ Conveyancing Solicitors will check whether the seller has carried out any alterations or extensions to the property which would have required planning consent. In a conservation area, permitted development rights are more restricted than elsewhere and sometimes may have been removed altogether. Gunnersbury Gardens Estate (part of Gunnersbury Park) and Bedford Park are subject to further restrictions on development, and in those areas planning permission must be obtained for all work which would otherwise be permitted development, including residential extensions and minor alterations such as replacement windows and doors, porches, exterior painting, and the erection of satellite dishes. As the council has powers to require property owners to remove unauthorised works, Conveyancing Solicitors must check that all existing works have been properly authorised.

Drainage and water searches are carried out with Thames Water to check that a house is connected to mains water and drainage. Although it is very unlikely that any urban dwelling in Hounslow will not be directly connected to a main water supply, many homes are not directly connected to a public sewer. Instead drainage runs by means of lateral sewers running under a number of adjacent properties, each owner owning the pipe within his property and being responsible for its repair. Conveyancing Solicitors will therefore need to check that the house has adequate rights of drainage through such privately-owned sewers.

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