Local Search Tips for Solicitors for Lewisham Conveyancing

The London Borough of Lewisham covers a wide area, including Lewisham itself, together with Deptford, Catford, Hither Green, Forest Hill and Sydenham. Fridaysmove -recommended Conveyancing Solicitors provide property Conveyancing for buyers and sellers throughout the borough, dealing with the whole range of homes, from small starter flats to large detached houses.

Local searches on all properties within Lewisham are submitted to Lewisham Borough Council Land Charges Department, 5th Floor, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, London SE6 4SW (Tel: 020 8314 6262).

Local Searches in Lewisham

Conveyancing Solicitors carry out these searches for all homebuyers in Lewisham, to ascertain if the Council has record of anything which might adversely affect a property. This would include such things as planning enforcement notices, plans for major road or railway schemes near to the property, and a compulsory purchase order including the building. The search will also state if it adjoins a road which has been adopted as a public highway, and whether any planning consent for the house or any extension is subject to planning conditions which might continue to affect the buyer.

These local searches are also important as they will show if a buyer has received a grant from the council, such as an improvement grant, which will have to be repaid by the seller on completion. The buyer may be liable to repay any such grant which is not repaid by the seller, so although they are rarely encountered it is important that Lewisham Conveyancing Solicitors check for them.

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