Local knowledge of Conveyancing in London saved time involving local authority

A good example of how solicitors with local knowledge of Conveyancing in London can save time for home buyers was on a recent purchase of a leasehold property on Auriol Road, London, W14.

In this instance prior knowledge of the practices Hammersmith and Fulham council prevented the Conveyancing Solicitor from writing to the local authority to enquire about the apportionments of ground rent and service charges.   Surprisingly most councils do not follow one set protocol and such procedures can vary from council to council.  

In this case the lawyer was highly experienced in Conveyancing in London and knew to approach the seller's solicitor and in all likelihood saved a week in the conveyancing process avoiding waiting for a reply from the London Borrough Council. Since the charges have been paid until the end of March we will have to make the apportionment which is noted on the statement.
Knowledge of the specific issues of Flat and House Conveyancing in London enabled the correct selection of searches to be conducted on the London property.   These were carried out for the benefit of both the buyer and the Lender.   These included a local authority search with the Hammersmith and Fulham Council which provided all of the information on record with the council relating to the property by way of planning matters and similar.    The drainage and water search that confirmed the route and means of drainage and the environmental search confirmed that the property was not likely to be subject to contaminated land under the Environmental Protection Act.