Listed Building Status for Scarborough Sports Pavillion

The pavilion at Filey Road Sports and Tennis Centre, built in the early 1900’s, has been awarded grade II listed building status, reports the Scarborough Evening News.

The recognition has been granted after a request made by the centre’s health and fun committee. The move was made as a response to a proposal that would see the centre sold-off to housing developers.  

Although this may not block the development at large, it will mean that should the tennis courts and nearby football stadium be upheaved, the pavilion itself will be left untouched.

Grade II is the lowest ranking category of listed buildings. It denotes ‘buildings of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them. ’ It is hoped that this qualification will be stringent enough to protect the building from alteration or destruction.

Plans may still go ahead

Although welcomed, the award may come as little consolation to the centre’s members and friends. It appears that developers had anticipated that the pavilion would be acknowledged as special and had incorporated it into their plans.  

Unfortunately, the members’ greater demand – that the sports centre should not be closed – is unlikely to be succumbed to.  

Listed Buildings in Scarborough

There are hundreds of listed buildings in Scarborough and, unlike the Filey Road Pavilion, many of them are private houses. What many people don’t know is that owning a listed building can be problematic. If you are hoping to make an extension or alteration to a listed home, you will have difficulties because of the building’s special status.

Furthermore, and perhaps worse, local authorities may demand that you repair and maintain the building at your own expense.

When looking for a home in Scarborough, make sure you contact a quality Scarborough Conveyancing Solicitors that understand the area, and its listed buildings. If you don’t, it could be a very expensive mistake.