Leasehold Home Information Pack in Finsbury Park - London, N4

Mr and Mrs D of London, N4 needed a leasehold Home Information Pack in Finsbury Park. The Home Information Pack included the following documents: Land Registry Official Copies (Land Registry Title Number: EGL294857) EPC, PIQ, Lease (dated 31/01/1992 between 1. Leon Hassapladakis and 2. Paul William Riches and Clare Isobel Cardy) and a Conveyancing Search (excluding Chancel and Environmental) which we attained from Haringey Council Borough Of London. We also sourced a Official Drainage and Water Search from the Thames Water Authority. The property was marketed the day after the Home Information Pack Finsbury Park team received the online order. The property was valued at £233, 500. 00. The estate agent was Keatons who act for sellers in need of a Home Information Pack in Finsbury Park, Islington, North London, London.