Leasehold HIP in Thamesmead - Thamesmead, SE28

Happy with the leasehold HIP Quote that they received for their property at Thamesmead, SE28Ms Y wanted Fridaysmove to supply them and the Thamesmead agents with a leasehold HIP in Thamesmead. The HIP Index identified the following as included: Land Registry Title (Land Registry Title Number: SGL474319) for the property know as Official Copies of Title, Energy Assessor prepared EPC, Legally checked PIQ, Copy lease certified by the Land Registry (dated 21/11/1986 between 1. Wimpey Homes Holdings Limited and 2. Falconers (Thamesmead) Management Company Limited and 3. Teresa Margaret Gilby) and a Insurance backed Local Authority Search which we obtained from Greenwich Council Borough Of