Leasehold Conveyancing - Forfeiture provisions in a lease

Where you have a leasehold property your conveyancing lawyer should explain the forfeiture provisions in your lease.

The lease will normally provide that if you fail to pay the rent or the Service Charge when it is property due and/or you fail to perform your obligations, as tenant, which are contained in the Lease, the landlord will have the right to forfeiture of the Lease.   It is the Lessors ultimate sanction to enable the defaulting tenant to be removed from the Property and has the effect of bringing the lease to an end.   Forfeiture is therefore a powerful and potentially dangerous remedy.

Prior notice will however, be given to you if the landlord intends to adopt this course of action.   Legal advice should be sought quickly if you receive such a notice.   Such a clause is found in the vast majority of residential property leases.