Lease Extension Calculator

FREE Lease Extension Calculator gives an instant estimate of the cost of extending your lease

Our Online Lease Extension Calculator is the best place to start when considering extending your lease. It gives you an instant estimate of the premium that your landlord can legally expect in return for granting an renewal of your lease on the basis your rights under the "1993 Leasehold reform housing and urban development act (as amended)".

Lease Extension Calculator
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FREE instant estimated freeholder premium calculation

Remaining (unexpired) duration of Lease

Enter the remaining number of years on your current lease e.g. 82

Present Market Value of the Property

Enter the current value of your Property with it's current lease in £GBP. e.g. 225000 (not 225k)

Value of Property if Under a Long Lease

What is the value of your property assuming that you could not extend the Lease. E.g. 225000. Note that this may well be less than the current market value which will partly have the possibility of an extension factored in. This is one reason why only a Professional valuation can be used in real negotiations.

Annual Ground Rent

Ground Rents are often 'rising' - which means they rise a certain amount every so-many years. Use an average value of the figures for the remainder of the lease for a more accurate estimate.

Yield percentage

5% is common for Central London but rates used in Leasehold Valuation Tribunals vary considerably. Contact us for a more accurate Valuation that can be used in negotiations.