Lead poisoning hazards revealed during Building Survey in Newcastle

A recent Home Buyers Survey in Newcastle found a number of potential safety hazards in a property that was estimated to have been built around 1930. The property was valued at £240, 000.

Newcastle HomeBuyer Report highlights gas and water supply concerns

The Home Buyers Survey in Newcastle found no evidence that the mains gas supply had been tested at any point in the last 12 months.

Furthermore, the fact that a number of the internal pipes were seemingly constructed from lead was another health risk. Plumbing installed before 1970 often features such a serious risk, as the lead could seep into the water supply, slowly poisoning those occupying the residence.

The surveyor recommended an immediate replacement of the internal lead pipes to prevent this leakage.

Age of the boiler unknown

Another concern raised by the HomeBuyer Report was that the surveyor was unable to determine the age of the boiler, a 'Glow Worm' gas fired combination boiler.

The surveyor recommended that a registered contractor should test the installation if no records or safety guarantee can be found. This is particularly important because the boiler also provides hot water for the property.

Roof repairs necessary

The roofs assessed during this Home Buyers Survey in Newcastle were in a fairly serviceable condition. No repair would be needed for the roof structure, which is made of timber. However, some of the tiles were misaligned and some of the mortar beneath the ridge tiles was missing. Overall, the roof in its current condition has a limited life expectancy.  

Other potential risks found in the Home Buyers Survey in Newcastle

  • The surveyor reported that the property was situated in a location where coal has been mined. Coal can cause damage to the surface of building, which could be a concern for the client.
  • This report did not mention subsidence specifically, but homebuyers purchasing property in or near former mining sites should be conscious of associated risk, and seek appropriate advice.
  • Rot was revealed near the door of the outbuilding on the grounds. High moisture readings were also reported on the walls and the floor. Fortunately, the surveyor found that the outbuilding roof was in a reasonable condition.

Aside from the issues discussed above, no other major defects were found inside the property.  

Reinstatement cost

The Home Buyers Survey in Newcastle reported that the reinstatement cost for the property was estimated at £262, 000.