Large-scale renovation recommended by a Building Survey in Wales

Building Survey in Wales confirms every window will need replacing

This Building Survey in Wales advised the buyer to replace all of the windows at this Newport property. This would undoubtedly be a costly measure, although the Surveyor believed this home was in a reasonable condition for purchase. This is as long as the prospective buyer is prepared to arrange all of the necessary repairs.

Replacing the windows will improve the aesthetic appearance of the property and its value in the future.

Damaged foundations

Unfortunately, the Building Survey in Wales noted that the foundations of this property were significantly damaged and would require further investigations. In fact, some of the foundations on one corner of the building had been washed away by a leak

Fortunately, the Surveyor did not report any structural movement, although a new drainage system for the surface water will need building to prevent further damage in the future.

Woodworm infestation

A live infestation of woodworm was found in the roof and this will need to be treated by a specialist. However, this is currently only a minor concern and has had no impact on the structure of the timber in this section.

Gutters, Downspouts and external timber

Sadly, the Surveyor reported that the condition of these elements was so severe that the buyer would have to arrange for them to be replaced. Some of the timber could be saved, although it may be cheaper to simply replace it all.


Dampness was reported in some of the ceilings, which will either need to be repaired or replaced entirely. The Building Surveyor noted that a wall section was wet, which could be due to a leaking pipe. However, the buyer should arrange for further tests to determine the root cause of this issue.

General advice for the buyer

The property is in need of a general upgrade and the buyer should take into account the cost of arranging a total refurbishment before purchasing. This is in addition to the cost of repairing the various defects found, which could amount in a hefty price.

Some of the services in the property are dated and may benefit from an upgrade. Fortunately, no visible problems were found in these components.