Land registry system aids Birmingham Solicitors

Conveyancing in Birmingham is now considerably quicker thanks to the computerisation of the land registry’s title records and the facilities which they now offer to assist Conveyancing Solicitors and enabling them to download copies of documents. This was proved when Property Lawyer Serina Abay acted for Mr and Mrs S in connection with the sale of a semi-detached house on 149 Mapleton Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28.

Details of the sale were faxed by agents Smart Homes of 379 Stratford Road, Shirley, Birmingham B90 3BW and within the same day Serina was able to download a copy of the property title and transfer deeds. Serina also prepared the sale contract and emailed that, together with the other relevant documents, to the Solicitor handling the Conveyancing in Birmingham on behalf of the purchasers; Howell and Co at 1341 Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 9HW.

Using the latest facilities to obtain details of the title and corresponding with other parties by fax and email enabled this Conveyancing in Birmingham to get off to a flying start. If all Conveyancing Solicitors use the modern technology which is now readily available then delays in transactions should be a thing of the past.

Local authority searches can also be ordered online, and is an additional way of accelerating property transfers. Many councils now have facilities enabling Conveyancing Solicitors to order searches electronically, and with their records having been computerised the replies to the enquiries can be sent out by email or fax within a few days, instead of several weeks as was customary on the past.

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