Investment Property successfully Completed by Conveyancers in Weston Super Mare


The Weston Super Mare Conveyancing team successfully completed the instruction for a leasehold property in Hildesheim Court, Weston Super Mare in November 2009.

The property was sold for £118, 000 being way below the average price at the time for properties in Weston Super Mare.  The property market for this area has been rather interesting being at an all time low in November 2009, peaking in May 2010 and now returning to the low of 2009 in 2011.  The rental market has remained fairly constant, showing that Miss H was rather astute in her purchase.  

The Weston Super Mare Conveyancing team were thrilled to be a part of this success story.  The estate agent was the Saxon Estate Agent branch covering Weston Super Mare and the sellers conveyancing solicitors in Weston Super Mare  were North Somerset Council.