Hospital ward leasehold sold with Conveyancing Solicitors in Sheffield

Listed buildings are those of special historic or national interest that cannot be altered or extended without consent from English Heritage.

The phrase evokes images of grand country houses, but listed properties are more numerous than many realise. Conveyancing Solicitors in Sheffield must check whether the home they are transacting is protected, as there are around 1, 000 listed properties in the city.

When Fridaysmove's approved Conveyancing Solicitor in Sheffield, Fayruz Cahill, assisted the sellers of a leasehold property in Kingswood, Sheffield, S6, the Property Information Questionnaire filled in by the seller revealed that the property was listed.

Conveyancing Solicitors in Sheffield discover the history of a listed leasehold

The flat is located in Kingswood Hall, the former Kingswood ward at Middlewood Hospital.

The large hall was once a Victorian asylum and housed psychiatric patients from 1872. With community based health care phased in during the 1990s, the ward was eventually closed in 1996.

The Wadsley Park private housing scheme built residential properties on the site in the early 2000s. While some parts of the former hospital were demolished, the old Kingswood ward is a grade II listed building and could therefore not be removed.

Conveyancing Solicitor in Sheffield Fayruz Cahill found that permission for alterations and extensions to the building for use as residential apartments was granted for the property, valued at £165k. This shows that the building was converted into a block of flats.

When deciding whether to give planning permission, the English Heritage mostly investigates if the proposed changes would impact the special character of the building or diminish its specific historic or architectural features.

The grade of the listing is also significant. Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest and will usually have to be preserved in their exact original state, but they only make up 2. 5% of England’s listed buildings.

With grade II listed buildings, the planning authorities will seek to find a balance between preservation and developers’ and residents’ interests.

For Conveyancing Solicitors in Sheffield, it is usually easy to transact listed buildings as their unique and aesthetic architecture makes them attractive to potential buyers.

However, buyers’ Conveyancing Solicitors in Sheffield have to take particular care to uncover the whole history of changes to listed houses and, crucially, whether they were authorised. If they fail to do so, their clients might be liable for illegitimate alterations carried out by previous owners, and may be sued by English Heritage.