Hopes for a Rise in Scunthorpe House Prices

Economic Growth could Create a House-Price Rise in Scunthorpe

As the nation seems to collectively gather itself for another year of doom-and-gloom, home owners in North Lincolnshire may be some of the few who have anything to cheer about.

Agents were reporting a spike in viewings at Scunthorpe, Epworth and Haxey during the end of last year. In addition, economic growth is looking like a real possibility for this part of the UK with Humber Bridge tolls to be halved and, it is hoped, 5000 jobs to be created over the next two years by the Humber Gateway turbine site.

If economic growth is achieved then I expect to see a sharp impact on the housing market. Conveyancing in Scunthorpe will have to be handled efficiently and competently in what may be a nervy and hectic pick-up.

Saxby Wold Wind Farm could Help the Property Market, say Developers 

The proposals for the new 18-turbine site have, unsurprisingly, caused a great deal of controversy. It is not for me to weigh-in here, and I understand the deep resentment a lot of people feel at having large structures installed near their home.

However, if the forecasts of RWE npower are correct then this could be serious news for the local economy.

Choosing the right Conveyancing Solicitors in Scunthorpe

As home-owners and agents wait intently on what 2012 brings for Scunthorpe’s property market, I am personally focused on the implications for anyone choosing Conveyancing Solicitors in Scunthorpe.

Sellers and buyers alike should be careful. There are a number of too-good-to-be-true deals clogging up the internet. Anyone looking for a Conveyancing Solicitor in Scunthorpe must be advised to check the small print; where are the hidden costs?

Take some time to do some research before the housing market starts moving. Fridaysmove offer the cheapest Conveyancing in Scunthorpe, and 97% of clients said they would use our Solicitors again.