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Relevant local surveying knowledge will help your surveyor appraise how the local can influence the market value and condition of a house. We give you expert building surveyors in Worcester leading to a significantly more detailed house buying survey for clients.

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Our survey booking team arrange access to the property with the agent or vendor and once given, we can usually perform the survey in two to three days.

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Whether you are planning to buy a listed building with blocked drains or a new build apartment in a block - our team of highly qualified house surveyors provide buyers in Worcester an uncompromising house survey. .

Brick in Worcester

Worcester Walling Materials - Brick

Modern methods has made brick manufacture far more efficient that in earlier centuries, yet the material has always been popular. In addition to being more weather-resistant than stone, brick is far cheaper. Mortar composition should also be considered when considering the quality of a wall. Cement mortars, for example, are suitable for damp areas, or where the wall will be under greater stress, such as an archway. Brick walls may be less susceptible to some conditions than timber or stone, but they nevertheless can succumb to a broad spectrum of defects. Particularly old or poor quality bricks will degrade, but the appropriate resolution will vary. If the home is a listed building, matching materials and even construction methods usually must be used.

Arranging a Home Buyers Survey in Worcester early in the house-buying process will give you time to negotiate with the seller either to perform necessary repairs, or lower the asking price.

Wallingtimber in Worcester

Walling Methods and Materials - Timber

In comparison to other methods of timber construction, such as post and plank, timber frame is by far the most common in Worcester and across Hereford and Worcester. Brick, stone and even plastered wattle and daub commonly feature in box-frame houses. Defects and maintenance issues associated with timber walling are varied, and some can be costly to fix. Points to consider when assessing defects of such houses range from rotten softwood window frames to serious warping of unseasoned timber beams. Benefits of timber-frame construction are numerous, such as -

  • Carbon neutral
  • Can be easily recycled
  • Potentially lower overall maintenance costs
  • Precision crafted timber elements lead to less settlement and movement of the structure over time
Many examples of square box-frame properties can be found in and around Worcester, but the style is less frequently seen in Eastern and Northern England. Many buyers will appreciate the historical character of an exposed timber house, but they should also be aware of the upkeep requirements which a Home Buyers Survey in Worcester can confirm.

Great value house surveys

The cost of moving is constantly increasing - Fridaysmove work hard to keep house survey costs in Worcester to a minimum.

Clipshamstone in Worcester

Clipsham Stone

Worcester has a number of properties built with this stone. Clipsham stone is a practical substitute for older and harder-to-find materials. Clipsham is the hardest of the Lincolnshire limestones.

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