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Relevant local surveying knowledge will help your surveyor appraise how the local can influence the market value and condition of a house. We give you expert building surveyors in Worcester leading to a significantly more detailed house buying survey for clients.

Fast survey turnaround

Our survey booking team arrange access to the property with the agent or vendor and once given, we can usually perform the survey in two to three days.

Worcester Building Surveys from local RICS surveyors

Whether you are planning to buy a listed building with blocked drains or a new build apartment in a block - our team of highly qualified house surveyors provide buyers in Worcester an uncompromising house survey. .

Great value house surveys

The cost of moving is constantly increasing - Fridaysmove work hard to keep house survey costs in Worcester to a minimum.

Localauthority in Worcester

We cover all areas of Worcester, offering surveys in WR1, WR2, WR3, WR4, WR5, WR6, WR7.

Flooding in Worcester

Flooding could seriously affect both the value and your enjoyment of your home. Hillside run-off from sudden rain, for example, can be a totally unexpected cause of flooding. Even for homes far removed from a major waterway or coastline, flooding can still seriously affect you. The causes of flooding in Worcester may include:

  • Groundwater flooding often occurs where there is a high concentration of permeable rocks, called aquifers, such as chalk, gravel in river valleys, or sandstone.
  • River flooding - This can be caused when the water draining into a river or water course exceeds the volume it can handle. Heavy rain falling on an already waterlogged area is a common cause.

Mitigating the risk of flooding

Buyers should be aware that even the risk of flooding may affect a home's value. A chartered surveyor will carry out a survey of a house and report on the likely consequences were the home to flood. Flooding may occur near the River Severn in Worcestershire, the River Teme and its tributaries downstream of Ludlow and Beverley Brook Catchment in the London Boroughs of Merton, Sutton, Kingston upon Thames, Richmond upon Thames and Wandsworth.

Listedbuildings in Worcester

Listed buildings found throughout Hereford and Worcester can be prestigious, historically significant, or beautiful

. Outbuildings, boundary walls and other external elements may also be protected by a property's listed status, which may impact an owner's plans. If there is any doubt whatsoever as to whether works can be undertaken, the local Planning Officer should be consulted. Due to the requirement that the materials and methods used to make repairs must match the original construction, maintenance can be much more expensive than equivalent work on a non-listed property. Concerns which should be addressed by a thorough survey include identification of the materials used in its construction, an assessment of its structural stability, and the condition of wiring, plumbing and heating. Finally, there are risks to consider buying a listed building, if it has been altered without consent:

  • As the new owner you inherit the legal obligations, and may be forced to reverse unlawful work - no matter how expensive or drastic this is.
  • You lose the value from the house by removing unlawful additions.
  • Your lender withdraws their offer if lack of consent is discovered during the legal work.
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