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Local knowledge is an important component in a surveyor understanding the issues that can influence the market value and condition of a home. We always allocate RICS building surveyors in Rotherham which means a more precise Building Survey.

Rapid turnaround

The surveyor will organise access to the property with the seller or agent and once granted the surveyor can normally do the house survey within two days.

Wallingtimber in Rotherham

Walling Methods and Materials - Timber

Cruck and box-frame are the most frequently occurring examples of timber walling in Rotherham. In cruck construction, the A-frame is constructed on the ground, then raised, whereas the posts of a box-frame house may be held in position with stays or braces while the frame is built. Rotherham homebuyers should consider the cost of upkeep for timber-walled houses, particularly if the house is older. The choice of wall material can have a fundamental impact on the defects and problems likely to affect a house. Fortunately, there are several advantages to houses built with timber. These include -

  • Low thermal mass, properties can be heated faster than stone or brick
  • Higher thermal insulation
  • High-quality craftsmanship and precision engineering
  • Effectively carbon neutral
  • Timber can be recycled
  • Potentially lower overall maintenance costs
Cruck frames are quite common in the region, and may consist of a pair of timbers, arching from the base to the roof, or one of several other configurations. Your surveyor can advise as to the upkeep implications of cruck construction.

Listedbuildings in Rotherham

Advice for buyers of Grade I and Grade II listed property

Listed buildings are more common than many buyers in Rotherham realise. Ownership can be an expensive prospect, given the myriad issues to consider. If there is any doubt whatsoever as to whether works can be undertaken, the Rotherham Planning Officer should be consulted. Because the materials and methods for repairs must conform to the original construction, upkeep can be much more costly. A HomeBuyer Report on a Rotherham listed building will generally be less suitable that a full building survey. The building survey will investigate a number of factors which may serious affect the property's value. In conclusion, we recommend specialist advice is always sought when buying listed property in South Yorkshire, including a RICS Home Buyers Surveys.

Flooding Issues

Flooding in South Yorkshire is likely to increase in future (particularly where new property is built in low-lying areas). It can be caused by rising groundwater, burst drainage, and run-off from heavy rain among other concerns. Some home purchasers do not realise that regardless of the distance from water, it may be the case that other, less visible causes of flooding are putting you at risk.

The most common sources of flooding include:

  • River
  • Coastal
  • Surface water
  • Sewer
  • Groundwater, and
  • Reservoir

Assessing flood risk

RICS recommends that home purchasers be aware of the flood risk to any structure they intend to buy. An experienced chartered surveyor in Rotherham can carry out a detailed survey of a property and report on the likely consequences were the home to flood. Some Rotherham areas susceptible to flooding include the River Don and its tributaries from Kelham Island in Sheffield to Hexthorpe, Rotherham including Rawmarsh Road and Rotherham Road at Grafton Bridge, and Rotherham including Brinsworth Street, Sheffield Road, Don Street, Main Street, Masbrough Street and Central Road.

Rotherham Building Surveys from local RICS surveyors

Whether you are planning to buy a timber framed property with that has been underpinned or a one bed apartment in a block, our team of highly qualified house surveyors give home buyers in Rotherham the comfort of knowing exactly what they are buying. .

Great value home surveys

The cost of moving is on the increase - we endeavour to keep the average cost of a survey in Rotherham down.

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