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Local knowledge is an important component in a surveyor understanding the issues that can influence the market value and condition of a home. We always allocate RICS building surveyors in Rotherham which means a more precise Building Survey.

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The surveyor will organise access to the property with the seller or agent and once granted the surveyor can normally do the house survey within two days.

Rotherham Building Surveys from local RICS surveyors

Whether you are planning to buy a timber framed property with that has been underpinned or a one bed apartment in a block, our team of highly qualified house surveyors give home buyers in Rotherham the comfort of knowing exactly what they are buying. .

Listedbuildings in Rotherham

Advice for buyers of Grade I and Grade II listed property

Listed buildings are more common than many buyers in Rotherham realise. Ownership can be an expensive prospect, given the myriad issues to consider. If there is any doubt whatsoever as to whether works can be undertaken, the Rotherham Planning Officer should be consulted. Because the materials and methods for repairs must conform to the original construction, upkeep can be much more costly. A HomeBuyer Report on a Rotherham listed building will generally be less suitable that a full building survey. The building survey will investigate a number of factors which may serious affect the property's value. In conclusion, we recommend specialist advice is always sought when buying listed property in South Yorkshire, including a RICS Home Buyers Surveys.

Brick in Rotherham

Walling Materials in Rotherham - Brick

The use of bricks was widespread in the ancient world, from Mesopotamia to Greece and Rome. Clay bricks are by far the most common, but concrete, calcium silicate and increasingly coal ash are also used. Some bricks are, however, not as water-resistant as other forms of construction, leading to damp and water damage. Your RICS surveyor should be able to identify the facing brick styles used in a property. Examples range from Waterstruck to wirecut extruded. Mortar is used to bind bricks together and is a vital component of successful wall construction. White and coloured mortars are mixed from sand and lime putty. The impurities added to colour the mortar means that this is generally less strong than white mortar. Brick-built homes may be, broadly speaking, less likely to suffer from some issues common to stone or timber frame homes, but that does not make them invincible. For example, immature bricks which have not dried fully can shrink and crack over time. This may be harmless, causing only superficial damage, or can fatally undermine the stability of the wall over time.

The scope of the issues affecting a brick property, and the myriad potential causes and effects, make getting a HomeBuyer Report or Building Survey for your purchase a virtual necessity.

Wallingstone in Rotherham

Use of stone walls in Rotherham structures

Walling materials can vary greatly across the UK. The method of mortaring together individual pieces of a material (or in rarer cases, fitting the elements tightly together without mortar), is termed mass construction. Some modern Rotherham structures may be of frame construction, where material (usually timber) is attached to a frame, rather than built up in layers of brick and stone to make a wall. Material is obviously a major factor in the look and feel of a home, and can also be a primary cause of common defects affecting a property. Magnesian limestone, also known as dolomite, is common across the North East, but does not wear well in polluted, urban conditions, compared to other limestones. Walls built with cobble can be seen in many parts of Rotherham, and are generally un-coursed. These will generally also feature brick at corners, and around doors and windows for stability.

Does having local experience assist the house surveyor?

Rotherham is located in South Yorkshire, which has approximately 581, 000 homes. Properties vary from recently built to older houses. However, awareness with local home-construction methods is only part of the equation, as there are various other local areas to bear in mind that can lower both the enjoyment and value of your proposed purchase.

Fridaysmove have recent experience of carrying out Home Buyers Surveys in South Yorkshire with a number in and around Rotherham including Home Buyers Surveys in S60, S61, S62 and S65. Considering the many issues which may affect a property, it is advisable that you carry out a survey when buying a property in Rotherham. Failing to do so could be a very costly mistake. Call us now for a Home Survey or get an instant quote online.

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