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Local area awareness can assist a Penwortham house surveyor to evaluate what can influence the value and condition of a residential property. We always recommend RICS house surveyors in Penwortham, which results in more relevant home condition survey for clients.

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Your surveyor will arrange access to the property with the agent or vendor and as soon as it is secured we will normally handle the survey within a couple of days.

Listedbuildings in Penwortham

Listed Buildings in Penwortham

There is a wide range of attractive listed buildings across Lancashire. If a property has listed status, the local council (in accordance with the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservatory Areas) Act 1981) dictates what you can and cannot alter, and you should be aware that restrictions imposed by South Ribble, or the local authority responsible in your case, may be severe. If there is any doubt whatsoever as to whether works can be undertaken, the Penwortham Planning Officer should be consulted. Maintenance work is usually more expensive than a similar job on a non-listed property, as the local council for Penwortham will expect original materials and construction methods to be used. A surveyor should be consulted for a clearer idea of the repairs are particularly urgent. A HomeBuyer Report on a Penwortham listed building will generally be less suitable that a full building survey. The building survey will investigate a number of factors which may serious affect the property's value. Lastly, there is a risk that the current owner has not complied with listed building requirements.

Note that regardless of whether the property you wish to buy is listed, located in a conservation area, or neither of these, a home buyers survey will arm you with the facts you need to assess the value of the home, budget for any future repairs, and make a final decision to buy.

Penwortham Building Surveys from local RICS surveyors

Whether you intending to buy a listed property with possible subsidence problems or a one bed maisonette with shared common parts, Fridaysmove's highly experienced surveyors give home buyers in Penwortham a first rate survey. .

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The cost of moving is constantly increasing and we endeavour to keep house survey costs in Penwortham as low as we can.

Flooding in Penwortham

Flooding is more widespread in Penwortham and across Lancashire than many homebuyers appreciate, and can be caused by anything from river flooding to burst dams and reservoirs. Even if a home is located far from a river or coastline, it may be the case that other, less visible causes of flooding are putting you at risk. Flooding may be caused by:

  • River flooding - This can be caused when the water draining into a river or water course exceeds the volume it can handle. Heavy rain falling on an already waterlogged area is a common cause.
  • Surface water - Heavy rainfall can overwhelm the local drainage system. This is usually much less predictable than coastal or river flooding.

Is my planned purchase likely to flood?

Flood risk does reduce the value of a property, compared with a similar home without the same exposure.

Areas of Penwortham which may be susceptible to flooding include Properties in Lower Penwortham off Leyland Road, Talbot Road, the Riverside Road and Stricklands Lane; premises on Leyland Road and Factory Lane Industrial Estates; mobile homes on Penwortham Residential Park; and properties near Oaks Wood in Valley Road,, Properties in Penwortham on Leyland Road close to the River Ribble, including Penwortham Methodist Church, and Ribble Estuary.

Wallingstone in Penwortham

Walling Materials in Penwortham - Stone

The fabric of exterior and supporting walls in Penwortham homes varies considerably. Buyers in Penwortham will note that homes will generally be either frame construction or mass construction. Given the impact that stone walls have on a house's appearance, it is not surprising that home buyers are influenced by the choice of material, but it is the Penwortham surveyor's role to assess the maintenance and defects associated with this stone. The report will look at issues frequently occurring in stone-walled homes, including efflorescence (white staining caused by moisture). Property in Penwortham often features walls build with slate or similar hard rock. Where slate has been cladded with cement, deterioration to the slate itself will likely occur as the cement breaks down. Carboniferous limestone-built walls are visible throughout Lancashire. Due to their mineral content, mosses such as Orthotrichum anomalum will grow on the surface of the wall. This can be an issue for some, but many buyers prefer the overgrown effect this creates.

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