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Regional knowledge will help a RICS surveyor to appraise how the area impacts on the value and structural condition of a residential property. We make sure you get RICS Margam building surveyors in order to ensure a better value home condition report for home buyers.

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We set up access to the building with the homeowner and as soon as it is given the surveyor will typically conduct the full house survey in 2 to 3 days.

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Whether you are buying an extended house with a removed chimney breast or a leasehold apartment, our qualified chartered surveyors have been assisting buyers to move home for years.

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The cost of moving is on the increase, our surveyors work hard to keep the average cost of a survey in Margam as cheap as possible.

Brick in Margam

Brick-built Property in Margam

Brick walls are one of the oldest forms of construction, dating back to at least 7, 000 BC. Despite the humble brick's long history, innovation continues, such as the fly ash brick, developed in 2007 using waste from coal power stations, but some bricks are unfortunately quite porous, resulting in dampness when exposed to water. Bricks are made to a wide range of textures, sizes and colours. Examples include stock and Pale. Durable wall construction also relies on mortar. The chalk used to make hydraulic, or water-drying, lime contains more impurities than that used for non-hydraulic lime. When water must be added for the calcium hydroxide to form, which dries in air. This mortar may be weaker than non-hydraulic lime, and will be graded accordingly.

In comparison to other parts of the UK, there is a below average percentage of brick-built properties in Margam. Stone or timber-built properties will experience their own issues and potential defects. Ask the property surveyor conducting the Home Buyers Survey for more information. The scope of the issues affecting a brick property, and the myriad potential causes and effects, make getting a Home Buyers Survey for your purchase a virtual necessity.

Margam Flooding

There will likely be an increasing number of floods in Margam in the coming years, in part due to changes in weather patterns or new property built on a previously undeveloped floodplain. It can be caused by rising groundwater, burst drainage, and run-off from heavy rain among other concerns. The most common sources of flooding include:

  • River
  • Coastal
  • Surface water
  • Sewer
  • Groundwater, and
  • Reservoir

Many parts of Neath Port Talbot may be free of any serious flood risk, but home movers will usually want to understand the risk to the house or flat they intend to buy. RICS recommends that property owners and prospective home movers should be aware of any flood risk to their property. A professional home surveyor can, if requested, carry out a more detailed flood assessment and report on the impact of a flood on the home. They should also recommend specific precautions to take to reduce loss in the event the area did flood.

Wallingstone in Margam

Margam Stone Walls

The types of stone and timber wall used to construct buildings in the area can vary considerably. Buyers in Margam will note that buildings will generally be either frame construction or mass construction. Mass construction describes a building where the walls have been built with individual pieces, like brick, quarried stone, or flint, unlike a timber frame construction. Stone walls are categorised as regular or irregular. Materials used in buildings across Neath Port Talbot may include prepared millstone grit, other quarried stone, or less formal mountain limestone. A report will include information relating to the maintenance and defects associated with stone-walled buildings, such as settlement as a result of poor construction. Frequently used in Margam, slate walls may also have been cladded with cement. Unfortunately, this can cause deterioration to the slate in damp conditions. Sandstone walls are common in Margam. Where a wall has been carelessly built, the layers of sediment which make up sandstone will run vertically, rather than horizontally. The weight of a wall placed on these misaligned blocks can cause them to split.

Listedbuildings in Margam

Margam Listed Buildings

It is vital to be aware of your obligations in regard to listed property - for an owner, the enjoyment of such a property's history or uniqueness comes at a cost. No alterations should be made without first checking with planning specialists at Neath Port Talbot (or the relevant authority) for giving consent.

You should discuss your proposals with the Town Planning officers covering Margam. Maintenance work is usually more expensive than a similar job on a non-listed property, as the local council for Margam will expect original materials and construction methods to be used. If you do intend to purchase a listed building with works which are revealed to be unauthorised, you may request that the seller accept a lower offer, or rectify the modifications before completion. The local authority could discover alterations years after they have been made, and force the current owners to 'undo' the changes.

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