A Home Buyers Report in the West Midlands paints a promising picture

The Home Buyers Survey in Willenhall, West Midlands, looked at a detached property that had an estimated value of £197, 000.

No serious concerns for the buyer

  • The Home Buyers Survey in West Midlands evaluated the roof and did not identify any serious defects. However, the surveyor recommended that the plastic rainwater pipes and the gutters should be cleaned.
  • The walls on the outside of the property contained cracks above the windows at the rear elevation. The surveyor noted that this was a common problem with properties of this style and that this was not a serious structural problem.   However, it may be useful to arrange for this to be repaired to prevent any further damage in the long term.
  • Concerns were raised over the erosion of some of the pointing on the rear elevation. The surveyor recommends that this is replaced in the near future.
  • Fortunately, the HomeBuyer Report found that all of the other features of the outside of the property, including the windows, doors, conservatory and porches, were found to be in a healthy condition.

Inside the property – HomeBuyer Report raises questions over the heating installation

  • The Home Buyers Survey in Willenhall found that the property contained a fireplace and a gas fire in one of the reception rooms.
  • In light of this, the surveyor recommends that all heating installations be tested by a competent contractor on a regular basis. Frequent testing will expose any defects that may become apparent, which could be a safety hazard.

Other points from the Home Buyers Survey

The surveyor was satisfied that all other aspects of the inside of the property were in a fair condition. However, it should be noted that services are hidden in the construction, which meant that the surveyor was unable to determine whether or not they were functioning effectively.

Cost of reinstatement

This HomeBuyer report in West Midlands assumes that the property did not feature any hazardous materials and had not been constructed with dangerous building techniques.

The cost also assumes that there are no serious legal restrictions that could be revealed in a legal inquiry.