Home Buyers Survey in Wakefield identifies work to be done

The Home Buyers Survey in Wakefield enumerates a long list of improvements that should be made to a one bedroom flat, priced at only £40, 000

Among the alterations:

  1. Complete replacement of the bathroom
  2. Sporadic repairs to the kitchen fittings
  3. Replacing the windows
  4. Replacing the floor covers
  5. Protective paint applied to external doors 
  1. The most pressing issue alluded to by the Home Buyers Survey in Wakefield was that the bathroom was on the verge of being dysfunctional. The three piece suite – thought to be original to the early 1980’s property – should be entirely replaced. The RICS Chartered Surveyor also made specific reference to the exterior fan in the bathroom, which they said must be checked to ensure its operational effectiveness, as it is the only source of ventilation to the windowless bathroom.
  2. Although the Home Buyers Survey in Wakefield described the kitchen fittings as ‘presentable, ’ it revealed that on closer inspection they were in poor condition. The installation was deemed to be ‘amateurish’ and possibly (where the work surface meets the sink) hazardous.
  3. Many of the other flats in the development have had their windows replaced and the HomeBuyer Report warned that it would soon be necessary to do the same at the property in question. Of particular concern to the surveyor was the anticipated loss of heat and the condensation that will occur in the absence of gas fired central heating.
  4. The carpets covering the floors are ageing and worn in places. The Home Buyers Survey in Wakefield advised that they should be replaced soon. As the floors were covered, they could not themselves be inspected.  
  5. The flat had only one external door, made from timber. It was regarded as serviceable but a warning was added that its life would be cut short unless a protective coat of paint was added.

The conclusion of the HomeBuyers Survey in Wakefield was that the asking price of £40, 000 was reasonable. Although a  wide range of repairs are required, the building’s overall structure is in good condition, and if the changes listed above are implemented there is every reason to suppose the flat will represent a solid investment.