Home Buyers Survey in South Yorkshire exposes serious dampness issues

Severe moisture issues may mean costly repairs. . .

The Home Buyers Survey in South Yorkshire revealed that the building was experiencing substantial damp ingress. Furthermore, it does not appear that the property was built with a conventional damp proof, although this is to be expected for a property of this style and age.

The inspection also recorded significant levels of damp along an external wall of living and dining room in the property. In light of this, the report strongly recommends that a chemical injection damp proof is installed.  

The Surveyor also recommended the removal of some of the wall plaster, which is at risk of acquiring significant volumes of mould. The wall can only be re-plastered after the damp-exposed brickwork has been treated

Dangers of dampness

Dampness can occur in any property but it can pose serious problems when it leads to the formation of mould. Mould can be a serious hazard to health and is hard to eradicate. Many homes are affected with some form of this element. However, high levels can release dangerous toxins into the air, which can put the occupants at risk of health problems.

Gas and oil

The boiler was not tested by the Surveyor, although the report estimates that it is of a considerable age. The HomeBuyer report therefore strongly recommends that this is tested by a competent professional as soon as possible.


The inspection of the roof revealed slates that were significantly displaced. The slates were also damp, which confirmed that the covering of the roof was not watertight.  

The cost of renovating an entire roof section can be particularly high. This is why a Home Buyers Survey is particularly valuable to prospective homeowners looking for a detailed assessment of their property of interest.  

The roof is an area that many prospective home buyers often overlook. However, a roof that is structurally sound is essential for preventing dampness in the interior and keeping the building well insulated.  

Fortunately, this property buyer is now fully aware of this issue thanks to this detailed HomeBuyer Report in South Yorkshire.