An encouraging Home Buyers Survey in Pontypool, South Wales

There were few problems reported during this Home Buyers Survey in Wales and none that would necessitate the need for expensive repair work.

Home Buyers Survey in Wales awards top marks for the outside of the property

The buyer was pleased to know that the Residential Surveyor did not report any problems or limitations in the inspection of the outside of this property. Regular maintenance and checks will reduce the prospect of any defects from arising in the future.

Minor defects on the inside

Some minor defects were reported on the inside of the property. Fortunately, none of these will require urgent attention or costly repair work in the near future.


  • The surveyor reported that some of the ceilings in the property had cracks. This can be fixed before the next scheduled renovation.
  • The plaster on some of the walls is beginning to lose adherence. New wallpaper should help to improve the plasterwork, although a thorough redecoration is advised.
  • High moisture readings were reported on the ground floor external walls. The surveyor recommends further inspections to determine the cause of this.


Pontypool, South Wales - Surveyor'sassessment of the property's location

The property is situated in Talywain, approximately 3 miles from the centre of the town of Pontypool, South Wales.

The home is in an area that was once a coal mining centre, therefore the client was advised to seek an additional environmental report before purchase.

An environmental report would also reveal any signs of structural movement in the property, although the surveyor did not see any visible evidence of this.

Lower costs for the buyer

The absence of any serious defects in this property should mean less money will need to be spent on repairs or replacements. This is good news for the purchaser, who would no doubt prefer to spend the money on more general renovation or ambitious redecoration work.

Final valuation

The Home Buyers Survey valued this Pontypool property at £72, 000, with an estimated reinstatement cost of £125, 000.