Home Buyers Survey in London reveals garage corrosion

Home Buyers Survey in London reveals a corroded garage

This Home Buyers Survey in London observed a mid terraced house in Greenford, which is estimated to have been built around 1930.  


One of the main benefits of this property’s location is that it is situated just ½ mile from the London Underground station of Sudbury Hill. The local area also offers a range of shopping facilities and is in close proximity to Wembley and Northolt.

Serious defects:

This London survey found only one major defect that would require the buyer to take urgent action:

The garage


  1. The framework of the garage has corroded and will need to be renovated.  
  2. The match boarded door on the right of the garage is difficult to open and needs to be adjusted.
  3. The opening mechanism of the garage is particularly difficult to use and cannot be opened smoothly.  
  4. It is likely that the guttering and the roof of the garage contain asbestos. The Residential Surveyor recommends that a specialist inspects the area and offer any recommendations.


Prospective homeowners should note that asbestos can trigger health problems in certain individuals and studies have shown that smokers that are exposed to these minerals are at a greater risk of acquiring lung cancer.  

This is why specialists should always be consulted whenever a surveyor has reason to believe that asbestos is present.

Defects requiring non-urgent action


  1. The HomeBuyer Report in London found that the roof was in a reasonable condition overall. However, the presence of moss growth on the right side of the front area of the roof was a cause for concern.
  2. Knobs were also found beneath the carpet towards the hallway. These require removal to ensure that the floor is level.
  3. The Residential Surveyor was also unable to test the shower in the bathroom because the shower setting wasn’t functioning.


Risks to the occupants

The property presents a number of risks to prospective occupants.

The floor of the hallway is uneven and repairs to this could be expensive. The garage side door fails to close properly, which could lead to dampness on the inside.

The property also features staircase treads that are either damaged or loose, which will need to be repaired.

Valuation of this property

The Home Buyers Survey reported that the current market value of the property is estimated at £250, 000.