HomeBuyer Report in London reveals essential structural repairs

Home Buyers Survey in London finds £600, 000 2-bedroom flat has serious damp and ventilation issues

During this Home Buyers Survey in London, the ceiling in the main bathroom of a two-bedroom flat was found to be on the brink of collapse due to the moisture build-up within it.  This was found to be caused by poor ventilation in the bathroom, and would require the entire ceiling to be replaced. This is a costly repair, but also one that could have saved the new owners from disaster.

Under the surface. . . more bathroom woes

The en-suite bathroom investigated during this Home Buyers Survey in London was also found to have issues. The vent was found to be damaged, also caused by high levels of moisture.  Whilst this was less significant than the urgent ceiling work needed in the main bathroom, it caused the vent to make an unpleasantly loud noise. These seemingly small things can cause no end of stress and discomfort, hence why the surveyor felt it worthwhile to mention.

Furthermore, the decoration and plasterwork in the bathroom was also found to be in a state of damp-ridden disrepair, again due to moisture damage.

Mould identified

Mould was discovered to be growing near the metal windows in the rear bedroom.  The Home Buyers Survey included notes that this was typical of the type of growth that can result from windows made from aluminium, and situated in areas with poor ventilation.

During the Home Buyers Survey in London, a couple of other lesser issues were deemed necessary:

  • The fuse box, found in the cupboard in the hallway of the property was described within the HomeBuyer Report as being dated, and potentially dangerous. It was recommended that it should be replaced with a more modern unit.
  • There was also a cracked window found in the covered area at the front of the property.

Discovering issues such as the sagging bathroom ceiling in this property in London can save new buyers from huge repair bills and, equally important, enormous inconvenience A Home Buyers Survey, such as the one undertaken for these London clients, is a vital tool for anybody buying a new house who wants the peace of mind that their new property is safe, structurally sound and potentially free from any major repair works for the foreseeable future.

If the HomeBuyer Report does uncover urgent work, then at the very least the buyers can prepare themselves and check their finances. Ideally, a smart buyer would use the issues identified in their Home Buyers Survey to negotiate a lower price on the property.