HomeBuyers Report in London protects new property

A HomeBuyer Report in London has highlighted the need for purchasers considering newer properties to obtain assurance that the building is safe.

The Building Survey was generally positive regarding the property which was located just off Old Kent Rd in Central London.  

13-years young, reports Home Buyers Survey in London

Built in 1999, the one bedroom apartment required little major work. However the Building Survey did make a number of notes relating to the safety and deterioration of the property over its 13-year life.

  • Glass doors represented a danger to children and required reglazing.
  • Condensation issues were noted in the bathroom. This was due to the extractor fan switch being turned off for an extended period. The bathroom ceiling needed repainting as a result.
  • A rat problem was considered to be related to the downstairs restaurant. This could only be remedied by strict cleanliness around the London home.
  • All services required testing by accredited contractors due to a lack of certification.

New homes need Home Buyers Surveys

Many people argue that Home Buyers Surveys are not necessary for newer properties, this is not true.

A HomeBuers Report such as this not only acts as a useful guide for the buyer on how the house is ageing, it also provides vital protection.  

New houses are insured against defects for a decade after they are built by the National House-Building Council’s Buildmark Cover scheme. Faults that appear after this period can leave a homeowner without protection.  

A Chartered Surveyor assessing a 10-year-old property acts as a shield against hidden problems. This Central London client was provided with an extensive catalogue of useful information about the property. More importantly, this HomeBuyer Report in London also afforded them reassurance that their purchase was sound.