HomeBuyer Report in London finds £10,000 of necessary repairs

A HomeBuyers Report in London was carried out on a 1st floor converted flat built in the late 1800's of standard solid brick construction.

The property is situated less than a mile south of Battersea Park in London. The flat was professionally valued at £250, 000.  

Main findings of the HomeBuyers Report:

  • Spalled brickwork was noted in various places to the exterior
  • All of the windows in the London property needed to be sealed properly. Also, the single-glazed units at the back needed to be rubbed down and redecorated.
  • The wooden front door was described in the Home Buyers Survey as being weathered, and the wooden threshold needed rubbing down and redecorating. One of the decorative single-glazed window panes also needed replacement due to a crack.
  • Outside the property, the stone window cills needed to be redecorated.
  • The solid fuel burning fire in the front lounge has an open flue. The London RICS Chartered Surveyor stressed in the report the need for this to be checked by a good chimney sweeping firm.
  • The toilet was found to be constantly filling itself, and the shower control cover was missing.
  • In terms of the water services to the flat, the London Survey found that there was rust-coloured staining on the wall above the window in the front bedroom. This suggested that the overflow pipe had been leaking. Further investigations by a suitably qualified plumber were suggested.

The outcome for the clients

Although only relatively minor issues and risks to the buildings were highlighted, in aggregate the repairs were estimated in the region of £1-2k.  The client would may have wanted to consider a reduced offer to the vendor in consideration of these works.

The London Home Buyers Survey also advised that the London Conveyancing Solicitors establish repairing obligations in respect of the exterior of the building, together with site boundaries.  The Solicitor should also establish details of ground rent, service charge and unexpired lease terms.