Building Survey in Hertfordshire provides total reassurance

A near-perfect assessment from a RICS Chartered Surveyor at this Home Buyers Survey in Hertfordshire gives a buyer confidence to move into this £295, 000 home

The HomeBuyer Report conducted at Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, featured a high degree of approval towards the property. There was one problem, though it was not regarded as urgent: the mastic sealant, which joins and water-proofs the shower tray to the base of the shower, appeared to be deteriorating.

This is hardly a cause for alarm. Especially when it is revealed as the only recommendation contained within the Home Buyers Survey in Hertfordshire.

Large property almost flawless

The satisfaction and reassurance any buyer would feel upon reading such a glittering Home Buyers Survey is immense but consider the size of the home in question:

  • Three Bedrooms                                     
  • Two Bathrooms
  •  Hall
  •  Landing
  • Living room
  • Kitchen

It is simple logic that the greater the size of a property, the greater the chance it has defects. This makes it all the more wonderful, and surprising, that the Home Buyers Survey in Hertfordshire was so satisfactory.

A unique case

Even the best HomeBuyer Reports usually detail a collection of minor repairs that a property requires. Most commonly, electricity, gas and oil services are singled out as needing up to date testing and certification from a professional body.

At the worst, a Resident Surveyor unearths dramatic structural faults that undermine the market value of a property.

Absolute peace of mind

To jump to the conclusion that there was no need for this Home Buyers Survey in Hertfordshire would be erroneous. The comfort in knowing that such a substantial investment is secure cannot be underestimated.