Home Buyers Survey in Didcot, Oxfordshire gives the ‘green light’ to buyer

This Home Buyers Survey in Didcot, Oxfordshire reported that although some improvements were needed, it was reasonable for the buyer to go ahead and purchase the terraced house surveyed.

The internal structure of the building was reported to be in good condition generally, although small shrinkage cracks were appearing in some walls. The Home Buyers Survey in Didcot reported that this was not a cause for alarm, and could be remedied by minor repair work. Much greater and potentially catastrophic structural defects are often uncovered by Home Buyers Surveys, so the prospective buyer would no doubt be understandably relieved.

Question mark over cavity in under-stair cupboard

It was advised that plastering cupboard walls underneath the stairs be considered. It was found that, upon the removal of a speaker set into the wall of this storage area, a large cavity was revealed. This would need to be filled unless the buyer intended to install a speaker of their own. Purchasers and mortgage valuation surveyors both often fail to uncover hidden features of properties such as this. In some cases, the resulting problems can be much more drastic than the minor replastering job uncovered by this Home Buyers Survey in Didcot.  

Safety checks urged immediately           

Two areas of concern were highlighted, requiring immediate attention:

the mains gas required a thorough safety investigation, and

the electricity supply lacked any certification

Safety checks such as these are often recommended by Home Buyers Surveys and should not cause panic, although they are a common expression of RICS-qualified chartered surveyors’ commitment to health and safety. A surveyor may not recommend that buyers purchase a home without this seemingly insignificant paperwork. However small the chance may be, uncertified utilities can, in the worst cases, cause fatal injuries.

Home Buyers Survey in Didcot gives the ‘go-ahead’

The Home Buyers Survey in Didcot confirmed that, to the surveyor’s satisfaction, the buyer was not investing in a property that would quickly deteriorate and therefore drop in value, or become difficult to re-sell as a result of hidden flaws or defects.

Home Buyers Surveys regularly cite problems that go unnoticed by less thorough Mortgage Valuations. The valuation is made for the benefit of the lender, and merely confirms the property’s approximate worth. It does not go into much detail as to the state of the property or individual defects.

Fortunately, in this case, the would-be owner was able to budget for the move and confidently take out a mortgage on the property, knowing that there would be no hidden repair costs waiting when they moved in.

This peace of mind can be easily and affordably obtained by requesting a Home Buyers Survey in Didcot, and across Oxfordshire.