Home Buyers Survey in Blackpool values bungalow at only £0!

Home Buyers Survey in Blackpool recommended against purchasing the property

Mr. H was saved from disaster and possible financial ruin by a Home Buyers Survey in Blackpool. The Resident Surveyor found evidence of structural movement and as a result warned that the property would be near impossible to re-sell. They went on to summon further investigations from a specialised engineer but warned that the property’s value would be significantly less than a comparable home in good condition.

The two most significant defects were:

  1. Sloping floors
  2. Distortion to the main walls

The Home Buyers Survey in Blackpool attributed both of these problems to movement within the structure of the building.

In the case of the floors, the HomeBuyer Report conducted in Lancashire established that there was no obvious sign of beetle infestation or dry rot. Unfortunately, this was the only good news.

The floor timbers were reported to slope ‘significantly’ throughout the property. This is far from a purely cosmetic concern – it provides evidence of contortion in the fundaments of the building.  This is nothing new: as buildings age, particularly older ones, pulling and pushing of this sort is a near guarantee.

However, concern and uneasiness about the issue has grown substantially since the more lax approach toward construction in post-war Britain. Buyers and their advisers pay a lot of heed to the matter.

It can be very difficult to sell a property with sloping floors, and near impossible to do so at a satisfactory price. The Home Buyers Survey in Blackpool made Mr. H aware of this and encouraged him not to buy the property for the very reason that he would likely be unable to sell it.

In addition, the main walls of the building were not plumb. The Home Buyers Survey in Blackpool indicated the need for a specialist to analyse the extent of the movement. Until further investigations had been carried out, the Surveyor had no confidence in estimating the value of the property.

A lucky escape?

Imagine the consequences had Mr. H just walked into buying the home without consulting an experienced professional.

He would have become the proud owner of a rapidly wasting asset – sitting on a building that had no market value. Mr. H is no doubt glad he conducted this Home Buyers Survey in Blackpool.