Home Buyers Survey in Berkshire reveals a damaged porch and conservatory

A Residential Surveyor inspected a 3 bedroom terrace house in Bracknell, Berkshire that had been put on the market for £188, 000. The Home Buyers Survey in Berkshire reported a number of problems.

Porch in a poor condition

The condition of the open porch was a major cause for concern. Because of weathering in the mortar and cracks and punctures in the structure, the buyer will need to arrange for an experienced professional to examine and repair the roof of this structure.

Conservatory needs a makeover

Alarm bells rang when an inspection of the conservatory uncovered a number of serious defects, including damage to the brick wall and numerous examples of weathering. Again, the Home Buyers Survey strongly recommended that the buyer contact a contractor to conduct all the necessary repair work.

The HomeBuyer Report also advises homeowners to receive a quote before exchanging any contracts. This will reduce the likelihood of being scammed or incurring extra charges.

Dated electrics

The Home Buyers Survey in Berkshire observed the electrics, which are either reasonably dated or altered in some shape or form. The Residential Surveyor recommends a thorough inspection of the system by an experienced electrician.

The buyer will also need to contact a competent contractor to assess the status of the gas system, which is situated inside a storage cupboard in the porch.


The HomeBuyer Report notes that the materials used at the time of the construction of this building may have contained asbestos, which is a potential health hazard.

The Residential Surveyor recommends specialist tests that will determine whether or not this mineral is present in this property. Removing this content can be costly, although homeowners do not need to contact a specialist to perform this job.

Main risks to the building

This HomeBuyer Report in Bracknell identifies the conservatory and the porch as the main risks to the building, since serious defects were present. The buyer will need to investigate these components as quickly as possible before any damage worsens. The same advice applies to the gas and electrics, which can have a significant impact on the valuation of a property.