Getting management info when buying a leasehold home in Coventry

Buyers' Conveyancing Solicitors require various management information on leasehold flats, so when acting on the sale of a leasehold flat in a converted warehouse building close to the centre of Coventry, Conveyancing Solicitor Dawn Thomas ensured that she requested this as soon as possible.

The sellers had already been asked to complete a questionnaire relating to leasehold flat sales, and they had given contact details for the landlords managing agents, who arranged for the maintenance of the building and collected the ground rent and service charge. A copy of the vendors' title and the lease had been obtained from the land registry, which confirmed that the lease was for a term of 150 years.

The information required by buyers usually has to be obtained from the freeholder or their managing agent, and Dawn ordered an information pack for this property. Copies of management accounts showing the amount of service charges during previous years are required, as well as the estimate of expenditure for the current year. Details of the fees charged by the agents for registering the change of ownership were also included. The management company required a fee for supplying this information, which the sellers had to pay.

Obtaining these information packs often causes delays in completing the conveyancing work, given these hurdles. Conveyancing Solicitors do their best to eliminate such delays, but some landlords or their agents are often not very co-operative and can take several weeks to supply the necessary information. For a faster completion, finding a proactive Solicitor to undertake your Conveyancing is essential.

As this property was a conversion, copies of the planning consent and building works completion certificate had to be obtained from Coventry city council. The council charged for supplying these, and was paid online, avoiding delays incurred by sending a cheque by post.

The buyers' details were received from selling agents Suttons of 30 New Union Street Coventry, West Midlands CV1 2HN and as soon as the management information and planning copies were received, Dawn forwarded them to the buyer's Coventry Conveyancing Solicitors, Dewes LLP of Tamworth, to enable them to proceed.

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