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Barnsley is known as an industrial town based on the coal which was mined around the town until 1994.   Although the pits have now closed, industries are still located in the area, including the glass-making works operated by the Ardagh Group. Over the last few years the “Remaking Barnsley” regeneration programme has led to significant redevelopment in the heart of the town; Conveyancing in Barnsley is carried out for new housing in surrounding localities.

The town is administered by Barnsley Metropolitan District Council (1 Gateway Plaza, Sackville Street, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 9GG) which is now responsible for a large area of West Yorkshire, including such places as Royston, Grimethorpe, Penistone, Worsbrough and Hoyland.

Conveyancing in Barnsley is also carried out for older dwellings in the central part of the town, while a variety of more modern homes can be found in the surrounding areas. Bungalows are a common feature, however, country cottages are also available along the countryside extending up to the Pennine Hills. Several former commercial buildings have been converted to flats.

Stamp Duty Exemption

Exemption from stamp duty may be available to some buyers, and your Conveyancing Solicitor will be able to advise about this. The council wards of Ardsley, Athersley, Brierley, Cudworth, Darfield, Dearne Thurnscoe,   Dearne South, Hoyland West, Hoyland East, Monk Bretton, Park, North West, Royston and Worsbrough have been designated as ‘disadvantaged areas’ where no duty will be payable if the purchase price does not exceed £150, 000 as opposed to £125, 000 elsewhere. If you qualify as a first-time buyer then exemption is available provided the consideration does not exceed £250, 000 if completion takes place before 25 March 2012. Your Property Lawyer will tell you if either relief can be claimed.

Land registry system accelerates Conveyancing in Barnsley

A factor which enables Conveyancing in Barnsley to be completed much quicker than in the past is the existence of the land registry’s computerised title registration system. This now allows Conveyancers to download copies of registered titles and associated documents within a few minutes, so that contracts and transfer deeds can be prepared without delays. Conveyancing Solicitors acting for purchasers can check that the seller is entitled to dispose of the land, and also see what legal rights and restrictions may affect it. Restrictive covenants which affect many dwellings will be set out in the register, or a copy of the Conveyance or transfer by which they were imposed will be supplied.

Searches for Conveyancing in Barnsley

When you have found a home to buy you will want to move as quickly as possible, so it makes sense to instruct a Solicitor who is familiar with Conveyancing in Barnsley and can achieve a quick completion for you. They will not only commission the usual local search but will also arrange for environmental and coal-mining surveys to be obtained in appropriate localities. Although there may now be little evidence of former industry or mining now left, former land use can leave a legacy in the form of land contamination or subsidence, which would have serious repercussions for home owners. Surveys will reveal records of previous works which might be relevant, together with details of any previous claims for subsidence due to coal extraction. Where nothing is found, the surveyors certificate is a valuable reassurance for purchasers.

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